For history does not feel pain, Your Mother’s pain at your birth

Hunger now for justice, never quit!

 Philo Ikonya ©


For history does not feel pain

Yesterday’s slave and today’s


on the pain of your nerves count

Your mother’s pain at your birth

is in mirth forgotten at your coming

to live, should all sorrow?


But painful past is not memory it lives

Yester hunger is known recognized now

in another born today and tomorrow

do not stray from freedom song unsung

Stay and feel for history 

Do not dry


I will look from every side to see

if there are still people left tree of life

who know that history is not dry dates

if the spirit goes without you today

humanity is not alive


Lend your soul humanity is still in pain

Give feeling and connecting do not rest

That dead bundle of nerves revive

if many do it the pain of the future

may decrease as we increase and

become more joyful to be alive


I promise indifference is more pain

for those of the future who today

cheat you will not exist if you feel

pain now for history and for sorrow







Philo Ikonya




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The nation in the anthem of hymens

Philo Ikonya ©

Still this nation sings

My love

Sings more than anthems

and hymns of hymens

for the song of justice would not

leave my heart

It would only go with my soul

I could not quit and would never

For this song is clinging in every cell

For I have loved you

and believed in you

because I love

I have left my own blood

to love you

Banking on hope

their love would not die

in my red cells and white

How can I forget you

and leave you beloved?

Hoseah’s words are mine

But my heart is broken

and I cannot hide

 I will not quit


conversation in my soul

It rolls in my heart still

I will let it grow

Into green leaves of

what it takes to keep

focus on the heart of the mind

Make the sound of my song

the singing nation in my wings

fly a flag way above a rag

never seen before this tag

for my name is written

in womens’ wombs on the rim

Make steps of a dance new

searching hope in rhythm

first in my own eyes

Finding it in your eyes

reflection and recognition

before yours in song of truth

Love and truth inseparable

the former feels fuller

the bitterness of the latter

can now subsist

Listening for the pearls

of our souls

I hear you whisper:

The Truth

for the nation

in the anthem of  hymens


The Truth

Sara’s Albino boy


You deliver me again

in my old age melodic


When I hear

you a medic say

you promised to love

what in your womb lay


Did not want to know its sex

Did not want to know how

that this baby you would keep

despite if it came out yellow

I knew that there is love

which no fellow can break

The one of a mother


If my hearing should go

play me my best music all the same

I will feel the air ripple

I will see your smile

I will sense harmony

despite the loss of my

hearing, play with me


I know now that it is fine

for me to be my color

because of you

a fine conversion

started in me

 be myself

Each day more


There are people

with blue eyes

who look for black

and people with green

eyes that care not color


When I heard you say


The world began for me

for I so rejected so long ago

Born albino


Rape rapes generations and nations

I hear they gather now
at Huruma to march to town
I hear that in the country
pamphlets are flying
warning you and you and you and you
not to step in my nation
That you should take care
not to step in the middle of your city
Your nation

When the people of
one nation start in difference
to gather
in various parts of our city
and in different languages sing
and pray, I should be happy
but not today.

Not in Nakuru
Not in Nairobi
Not in Mombasa
Not in Lamu
Not in Kiambu
Where some elders are still singing
Thaaii without Naaiii for others
Not now when nation is angry
with nation and reason fast draining

Not today where fear rules

When the people divide in writing
and send pamphlets before you wake
When it was not from sleep you woke
but from death and worry in Mpeketoni
and elsewhere in history
Then you know why
not today

Today I beg you remember
that where politicians have failed
and we have seen them
We should fade their pictures
and enlarge Mandela’s even in death

That where language has fought
We should soften the sounds
and sing for justice
That we should and must refuse
to hold violence and stick to reason
Take Gandhi for non-violence
For in the end, in the end

The nation is a woman lying in death

Child no one feeds

It is that orphan that knocks at the door
That girl whose period pours out early
Yes in shock before other blood flows
It is again that mother that cannot lactate
Shock and feeding do not go together
and rape rapes generations and nation

Men lie in death

It has been our silence in turning away
from those who died and who
now give witness voice before says
that blood speaks to blood
and we must humbly account
for every drop more than cents
in banks…

Kenya: Blood, the last witness is never silenced

“At a time of crisis good leaders build bridges not dams”


and modern wisdom

fail us

Kenya, we are still asking

What is truth?

Blood the last witness

is never silenced

We do not hear each other

We do not see

It is time to build bridges

But where is the truth?

Where are the shores

Where the lands we can join

to one another?

Where are the people?

Words have failed dialogue

People in power speak casually

before blood flows and after

It is always

the  last witness

this blood

Kenya, Will You Marry Me?

Change, don’t quit!


And these actions you see now cry witness

for the many deaths unanswered

We need the justice roll call again



to embrace on land

Displaced persons

IDPS and those who died in 2007/08

are still screaming

and others have answered in


Lamu where we rode donkeys

for Maulidi without asking


like Christ for the colt

You cannot plant injustice -show no aversion to it –  and expect

to reap peace, faith, trust,

loyalty and justice from the people

The people ethnic naked

They slowly die each day

You must react to the massacre

and to the silent drop by drop causes

of death

Then shall we preserve

mummify peace and preserve justice?

I ask how will they not want to show

us a picture so ugly…

That killing others slowly, almost softly

may look deadlier to us

That suddenly we see

what we

do slowly breaking limbs

they can do

fast  in minutes

Blame ourselves for wanting to

kill the last witness

Blood speaks to blood

Love that won’t quit

So something is all wrong
and you cannot reach someone so dear
Your beloved
Yet they sit so near
No communication is a frequent
problem. Real. Not imaginary. But it can be
beaten by imagination, creativity.
It becomes a problem you cannot
resolve by discussing because it starts with
“No” communication’, with a “No”. Break this in
another way. “I love you!” is magical
Say it often. Say it again out of the blue
and again, it never tires.
Soon will a conversation that shatters
deafness begin, at least very often
and don’t forget. Read in silence together

The Diary of Love that Won’t Quit