World Selfie

Our World Selfie

Philo Ikonya©
Missile vile
Every war is a world war every concern
it is ours together we all pay the price
the edges are crumbling all over
In the sky new signatures
of blood in Hebrew and Arabic
We watch not a rainbow
Flying for humanity then
up in the sky was fire
Our selfie
A world that hesitates on good
decisions kills good ones, dark smoke
World still at Ukraine
Minds, souls, bank cards, purses, mobile phones
selfies, love and smiles we always carry of our love
Pain of bodies lost land cast and little aid, loss for Aids:
Our common selfie…


My tears

Should I have shed
them all so warm and hard
like a river on which
hailstones fall?
Should I
so that tears do not fall again
for children born in war
and killed in woe?
Rain bored hard

Should I have
had any left to cry
to tell a story
with my fingers now
What should I do Oh
lands of the dying?
Wells deep hardness

I turn myself into a drop
that rolls in pain
and gathers all
I turn it cold and warm
into a big heart that beats
and pulsates love
and a beginning
and for this
we must only agree
so to live becomes possible
No reason might lead us there
We lost the way in wells and rivers

We have failed and
dried generations
bored in wells
My fault
Come, Let’s rain again
for pain’s gain