Speaking to Weeping Rocks

Speaking to Rocks
philo ikonya©2014

I have not lost hope
the mountains are breathing
I lost my pen a while
but not my tongue even when cut
in home valley


I have washed my feet and more in Yellow River
The rivers of the world are flowing, Oh Ganges
I want to be one, I want not to split
Rockets. Grenades. Violent Rape
Sheep grazing eagerly on a mountain that
was mist covered
Speaking to rocks at sundown
Still hear my prayer my chant unending winding

Ebola. Rockets. Ebola. Rockets. Mike Brown.
So many unnamed unknown
The grass still grows
Indeed it sings
Rockets. Grenades
Speaking to rocks
rocks weeping
My chest broken
Ribs must heal
Middle East genes
Dreams from nightmares in Syria



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