Brutal cop assaults lady rights activist

The Nairobi Chronicle

Human rights activist, Philo Ikonya, has accused a senior police officer of brutalizing her when she and and others were arrested outside Parliament last Wednesday.

Philo Ikonya

Writing in the website, Kenya Imagine, Philo describes the ordeal that resulted in her clothes being torn to shreds. She was beaten and subjected to verbal assault by a force whose motto is, Utumishi kwa Wote” (Service to All).

However, as she soon discovered, her tribulations were nothing compared to what the majority of struggling Kenyans are experiencing everyday. Read on:


For some reason, I was released on Wednesday night on a bond signed by Florence Jaoko of the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. Activists Ann Njogu, Wangui Mbatia and others told her to act because I needed medical attention.

It is dark in Kenya… very dark… our freedoms are not ours anymore and all Kenyans are suffering. I do not want a…

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