Ave Black Madonna …. #Charlestonkillings

Ave Madona Maria
‪#‎Charlestonchuchkillings‬ 18.06.2015
Outrage…is not enough
The Black Maria is full of bodies
Prisons are not better
Today anger is mad
I don’t know how to
hover my fingers gently
on a black and white
playing gently
to reverberate Pinckney
to sing Ave Mariaaaa
The skin of this drum
Salve Madonna Maria
death is here again
and no pieta left…
The home of mercy close
give justice
Must my children pay
a white baksheesh each breath?
It is always sunset
Do I not feel the storm
of slavery still so dark?
What is color to you?
This is not the first black child
old man, woman I lose
Black Maddona
This not the first daughter
Ave, Ave, Maria
Black Maria van why
did your color not change
Who is my shepherd
then, shall I wait for one
or just gather my sheep
and fly? Ave, Mariaaaaa
Gratiaaaa plenaaa…

Black Madonna
philo ikonya 19.06.2015