At Koru that night… Bob Ouko behind every Koroboi shadow in Kenya

This IS Ouko Tornado

You thought you would silence

me? We hear….


Your voice rises

booming in intelligence

loud no matter what

I have not come to earth to judge

So you rise again

Bob Ouko

and you spill the words

one by one, alphabet

one by one… numbers

So many confronted you…

and your shadow rises

behind every koroboi shadow in Kenya

You electrify every nerve

You tell us

It was for brilliance and truth that

you died

and you warn Kenyans

about disappearances…

This thing death should not be feared

but not feasted either…but confronted

Injustice is killing… reveal the truth

Look how much pomp you raise

political success?

to forget we are ALIVE

those who died in such indecency

NOT serving greed and wanting to know

No color


No tribe

Julie Ward stands up

Among the lions

Look, like you never knew before

J.M. Kariuki will not be eaten by Hyenas

I was not

How should it be vultures

even they have better cultures

How should it be nature

Even it has better stature

How should it be

that we cannot face the truth

Tom Mboya before

Look, hold up the mirror of what the Brits

did and before that and always what

WE DID! Tormentado… Tornado….

Torment us with our images and realities

of the dead and those alive… torment us…

THIS IS Tonardo Ouko

and Hurricane BOB Ouko

Assassinated Foreign Affairs Minister of Kenya

Disappeared on th eve of Valentine´s day

and found dead on 18.02. 1990


they said he committed suicide

God of Kirinyaaa… liberate us from

lies…no one can live on that bread all the time!

Philo Ikonya August 2015


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