Bring us home an alphabet without end

You too said you were coming back
And that you wondered if She has finished
the knitting she sat at for so long
Counting stitches
to move many different colors out
of the blue… in thematical votes
and yes…
The cardigan is ready
but they have changed it…
they have added a red hood to it
and now it is a carpet of many colors
joining each failing thread and cutting
our dread…mathematical
It is still warm though you look so cold
Lie in it, since you are not walking
anymore and sleep the tender sleep
of love, closing your black petal like eyes
for a the while that lasts as we watch
the green leaves so sapped, swinging in the wind
but do come again, you said you were coming back
When you come again,
do… ring us home an alphabet without end….
We need this and new stitches in the cloth we
call our own flag of regeneration
philo ikonya 25.09.2015

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