History’s list of heroes is endless
at what price?
What have you built with it?
Networked us out of division?
I saw that
we never were short of heroes
and more, spirits that never broke
a promise not to leave justice
aside for new money increase for own pocket
packed in owned Merc without mercy for the poor
Still stretching out begging theirs…
Prophetic? Hardly
Truth and betrayal still silvering your sight
for no pact, just hungering and thirsting
for justice and peace so
don’t sing me
yesterday’s fight is gone
Tell me where today’s is when
we love to kill with words of differences
and bullets and bombs explode us inside
Tell me where today’s peace is and if you
would a channel be to say not to fear
to injustice? A vessel not breaking, that promise held up?
Philo Ikonya 20.10.2015

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